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Embark on an indoor cycling experience like you've never seen before, and join us on this journey of fitness.



Exclusively certified by Spinning™, our instructor team is second to none with both motivating and exhilarating performances that bring out the best in your cycle performance.



The Spinner™ Chrono™ bikes are the top of the line spinning bikes with the chain feel of a true outdoor bike experience. Monitored for power, speed distance and heart rate, these bikes are as true to the experienced cyclist, as well as the casual indoor rider.



Curated by instructors, and mixed by professional recording artists, your track lists will be a solid mix of music you love, and music you’ve yet to love. The tracks will bring you through an epic adventure in every class.



The screen behind the instructors takes your cycling experience to the next level as the visuals and the music work symbiotically as you work through your spinning session. Like you would see in a concert these visuals elaborate every instruction and you can let yourself get lost in each moment. (These screens are only used during the ‘SpinCycle’ classes)



Professionally designed by broadcast media experts, this instructor controlled system is state of the art with over 30 concert quality lights, and programmed sequences that work with your music to bring out the best in every track. Since the instructor is in charge of the lighting system, there isn’t a ride that’s the same… ever.



The sound systems are masterfully equalized by broadcast professionals and concert stage designers to get the most effective and heart pumping sound to you, without breaking your ear drums! The system is designed and engineered specifically so you’ll hear both the instructor speaking, and the build up to the best drops!

Like No


It's something you'll just have to experience yourself...​

Your studio feels more like a concert theatre than a spinning class with every piece of equipment meticulously selected to give you the best spin class experience. As soon as you step in the spinning theatre, you’ll simply feel the difference.
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We want to chase this feeling every time...

Nothing gives you goosebumps more than the right drop with the right visuals happening at the exact moment the lights blast.

The entire studio is built with the expertise of professionals across the fitness, television broadcast, music recording and award show production industries, meaning that there’s a complete synergy between what you see, and what you do on those bikes.

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