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We want you you to leave the outside world at the door as soon as you walk into the studio, and let us take you on a fitness journey that will absolutely challenge & inspire you.


Certified Spinning™ Instructors

Experienced and trained by the organization that started the spinning movement, each of our instructors are carefully trained, and certified for performance based classes that will take you to a new level of fitness. We’re darn proud to be associated with this organization.


Performance AV System

The total experience is quite literally in the hands of your instructor, and you’ll absolutely feel the difference in every class. Your immersive cycle program is designed to raise hairs, get you focused, and drive through each set with adrenaline pumping through your veins. If you are taking a SpinCycle signature class, you’ll be instructed with professionally created background videos playing behind the instructor so you have a total stage system to focus on while you’re counting your miles.


Spinner™ Chrono™ Power Bikes

The absolute best on the market today, these premium spinning bikes are designed for direct power measurement controlled by a bright LCD colour console right on your handle bars, bringing in accountability & progression to your workout. These bikes almost feel like the real thing, and with a smooth magnetic resistance system, you’re getting all the benefits of a HIIT workout with absolutely no impact. Fun Fact, we are the first and only studio in Canada fully equipped with the Spinner™ Chrono™ bikes!


Pack Mentality

We’re all in this together, and even though we may have different fitness levels and goals, for those 50 minutes, you are working as a single unit. The riders around you are there to motivate you, and you are motivating them; even if you dont say one word, your focused energy is pushing the riders around you to keep up. There is noting more inspiring than an athlete in motion.


Progressive Programs

When you have a goal, you have a motivation. We set challenges for ourselves and the members around us. Who can get to 100K first this month? What is the quickest 40K rider? Who rode the most hours this week? These friendly challenges keep the workouts fresh, and brings the road into our studio.

Feel The


As Soon as You Walk Into the Studio...

You’re in the pack and the room goes dark. You take a breath, and set your body. You can feel the sprint coming. Only for a moment you close your eyes and you forget where you are. 

You’re interrupted by the beat of the music picking up and your heart and pace accelerates. You open your eyes and in front of you is your instructor looking right back. You know she’s here for you.

SpinCycle Studio About Header Image
SpinCycle Studio Studio Header Image

The Feeling Grows...

Behind her is a glowing screen that builds in motion as your legs pick up. The beat is coming. You look to your ride partner, and he looks back and gives you a nod indicating he’s ready to race. 

The lights turn off, but the pack starts to get loud. Your instructor gives you a 5 second warning, you can’t see, you can only feel. When that beat drops, adrenaline pumps through your veins, and without even realizing it, your mind and body is in a full sprint. You realize at that exact moment, that you’re in the right place.

Sometimes feelings are simply unexplainable; This one just makes sense.

Are You Ready to Join the Pack?

Sign up for SpinCycle today and join our team, and dozens of likeminded spinners, in our stunning, hi-tech Markham studio! To get started, view our packages using the link below, or hit the Sign Up button to create your SpinCycle account right now!