Expect nothing less than epic...

Your classes are created radically thinking outside the box of group exercise. They bring in a component of exceptional performance and technique cycle focused HIIT training. Each class is uniquely designed for the specific participant, and pushes you to do with it what you need to get out of it.


For Competitive Cyclists

Your long endurance, power focused rides are designed for your off-season (And rain days) endurance and strength conditioning. Our wattage power meters hook in with your fitness apps, and read out accurate cadence and wattage output for a fully focused training session. Oh, and feel free to BYOBT… (Bring your own bike & Trainer)


For Spinning Lovers

You wont be able to get over this class, every moment is designed with the drops in mind. You can let yourself get lost in the music because your personal power console will keep you grounded and keep you on track to achieve what you came to achieve.

These classes are a place for release, and a place where you can give in. If you're a seasoned cyclist, take advantage of our endurance style classes and weekend classes for long rides and strong climbs. If you're newer to spinning, start with our beginner classes that will take you through an epic journey, while you find your wings.




Length: 50 Minutes
Levels: Intermediate, Advanced
Designed For: Adrenaline Seekers, Sports Teams, Corporate Teams, Music Lovers

SpinCycle is not your typical spinning class. This signature class experience will bring you to a new level of fitness as you clip into what will almost certainly be the ride of your life. Your instructor will take you through a professionally designed pre-choreographed routine that is synced to every sense. These classes are built around HIIT heart-rate training and focus on power and pace while the music and video behind the instructor guide you through an epic journey. Bring your water bottle, you’ll need it.

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SpinCycle LunchCrunch Class Icon


Length: 35-45 Minutes
Levels: Beginner, Intermediate
Designed For: Busy professionals, students and families

All the power of any of our classes, condensed into a 35/45-minute session so you can get your spin on, and get back to your day! Your instructor will bring you through a focused ride getting as many calories blasted as possible, and motivate you through a pocket-sized HIIT training session. Designed for maximum burn in a minimal time, the lunch crunch classes will have you feeling like you’ve taken on the world while everyone else is still sitting at their desks.


Length: 35 Minutes & 45 Minutes
Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Designed For: Busy professionals, students and families

Get deep into a ride choreographed by your instructor as they take you through a class with a massive range of music in a single 50 minute session. You’ll ride through straight aways, big climbs, intense sprints, and finish with a cool down that sets you up for the rest of your day. This high intensity interval training (HIIT) program is different almost every class, and keeps your body guessing what’s coming up next.

Tip: Don’t think, just ride.

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SpinCycle ZenCycle Class Icon


Length: 50 Minutes
Levels: Beginner, Intermediate
Designed For: Those looking for a calm-mind, and a great calorie burn

Bring your heart and mind through this peaceful workout where breathing and heart rate control is the name of the game. Your ZenCycle instructor will split the class between a moderate heart building cycle class with on and off bike yoga breathing techniques and poses. Come in with a busy mind, and leave with a sense of centred energy to take on the rest of the day.

Virtual Freestyle

Length: 50 Minutes
Levels: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
Designed For: Newer riders to the studio, experienced riders wanting to step up their game.

This is as real as virtual classes get. In the live studio elements complete with state of the art sound, lights and 10′ x 12′ massive screen, the instructor’s presence is still felt. Get deep into a ride choreographed by our instructors as they take you through a class with a massive range of music in a single 50 minute session. You’ll ride through straight a ways, big climbs, intense sprints, and finish with a cool down that sets you up for the rest of your day.

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Endurance (Drop In / Open Ride)

Length: 60 Minutes Instructed, <3-Hours Open Ride
Levels: Intermediate/Advanced, Advanced
Designed For: Outdoor cyclists, triathletes, cycling teams, cycling coaches & their clients, progressive/endurance spinners

Designed for outdoor cyclists & endurance training athletes, your cycling instructor will guide you through a 60-minute endurance ride that challenges you to maintain watt output, keep a consistent cadence, and master all terrains, then the screens will be illuminated to show both local and international rides. Riders are permitted to bring in your own bike, trainer, and cycling teams. Special requests (i.e extended / modified hours or exclusive individual or team training times) are available, just reach out to us!

Adjusted Rules: Riders are NOT required to stay for the entire duration of the three hour open ride following the instructed 60 minutes. Ride at your own pace. Cellphones ARE permitted for cycle app, tracking app & heart-rate functionality/use, but please no talking on them. Talking to other riders is permitted.



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