spincycle Studio rules

We recommend reading this page in advance of your first visit to SpinCycle

It’s our mission here at SpinCycle to make sure that you, our clients, experience the very best in service across the board – that means we’ve got some basic rules in place to make everyone’s time at the studio awesome!

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Everyone at SpinCycle abides by a few simple rules that are created for the well being of both the operation, and the other riders. These rules are for you, your studio, and your fellow riders.

I will arrive ready to ride

Our classes start right on time, and our riders have limited time to get hooked up. Come to the studio ready to roll.

I will arrive on time

Arrive to the studio 5 minutes before the scheduled class start time. Late comers will not be admitted to the studio. Late Cancellations and no-shows will result in the ride being deducted from your account. (ProTip: Arrive to SpinCycle 15 minutes before your scheduled class.

I will clean off my bike at the end of every ride

Simply wiping down the bike can bring enjoyment to the person following you. Keep your areas clean, and your bikes fresh.

I will turn my phone off, and rest my brain

Smartphones control our lives. Leave it in the provided space in the studio and let your brain breathe! This is for you, and your neighbour. If you are an on-call medic, or you have a family emergency, leave your phone at the front desk and we’ll get you if it rings.

I will wear the correct (and clean) kit

Fresh kits affects the entire class. Keep your clothing form fitting, use cycle shorts, and keep the odor out of the pack.

I will focus in class

Vocal interaction is absolutely encouraged, we love the energy but please keep the sidebar conversations to the dressing rooms for the sake of your fellow spinner.

I will blend in

The front row dictates the mood of a class. If you want to ease off the pace, take a bike near the back.

I will help bond the pack

Positive energy is infectious. Spread good vibes, and the more you give out, the more you’ll get back.

I will not linger in the studio

With back to back classes, we need to start strong, and on time. This means when your class has finished, quickly wipe down your bike and allow for the next rider to take your place. Conversations can happen in the change rooms, and the lobby area.

Thank You for Making Our Community Awesome

At SpinCycle, we’re committed to ensuring that our spinners have the best, most comfortable, and most enjoyable experience possible. Remember, this community belongs to all of us! If you have any suggestions to help improve the SpinCycle experience, please let us know!

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