Essential Information for First Time Riders

(And a Great Guide for Everyone Else)

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This guide is meant for the first time participant, or the experienced spinner coming to SpinCycle for the very first time!

Don’t Be Intimidated

Our classes are meant for everyone, and although you’ve heard that spinning classes are insane/crazy / for the fittest of the fit… Keep in mind I started spinning at 285LBS and couldn’t even walk up stairs without sweating. If it’s your first time, tell someone, and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

Registration Process

When you first sign up at SpinCycle, you create an account with your personal information, and wavers acceptance. To sign up for any class, simply sign into your account via the website, buy a package that suits you best, then register for any classes on the website!

Come early!

At least 15-20 minutes before class early, this will allow you to get registered, get your key tag assigned to you, and enough time for you to prep and get ready for your class. Please do not be late as you may not be admitted into the class after it begins (This is for safety, and enjoyment of the participant reasons). The doors will close 4 minutes before the start of the class to allow you enough time to set up your bike for the sharp start time; this is for your safety and the enjoyment of the riders around you. If you’re late, you will not be admitted into class.

Bike Sign Up / Reserve Bikes

On arrival, you may select your bike at check-in on a first come, first serve basis. Come right to the front desk when you arrive and book a bike when you check into your class.

What to wear (clothing)

It’s important to be comfortable riding at SpinCycle – Padded cycling shorts are preferred, however form fitting shorts or leggings are acceptable as well. Light tops (Tanks, shirts, sports bras) are recommended to stay cool during your ride. Feel free to bring headwear (bandana, ball cap, headband).

What to wear (footwear)

SPD clip Mountain Bike shoes are preferred, however our bikes are equipped to work with regular running shoes. Currently, we do not offer cycle shoe rentals (Although this is planned for the very near future). Ensure you tuck your laces into your shoes to avoid catching on the pedal.

Go at your own pace!

This is your workout, all we ask is that you try to push a little harder each time you arrive. Be aware of your body and if you feel like you need to take a break, do it! No one around you knows how much is on your resistance, so workout for you and your goals!

Setting up your Bike:

If this is your very first time ever taking a spinning class, make sure you arrive to our fundamentals class to learn the ropes, however we know that this isn’t always possible for your schedule! Here’s a tutorial video from our friends at Spinning! As a certified facility, we use exclusively Spinner Chrono bikes.

If you’ve never been set up before, come early to a class that doesn’t have another class right before it, and your instructor will take you through the proper set up, and customize the fit for you! (20 minutes, assuming there isn’t a class right before you).

Be aware of all the studio rules:

The rules of SpinCycle exist for the safety and enjoyment of everyone around you! Please review all the rules by following the link here:

Come ready to give it your all!

Make this workout the best one you’ve ever had. Focus on why you’re here, and give everything you have inside you to achieve that goal.

If you have any more questions ahead of your class, or would like more information, please drop us a line at and we'll be happy to answer your questions!

See you in the pack.
SpinCycle Team

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