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Train Like a Triathlete at SpinCycle

Originally, the sole reason for cycling was to enjoy outdoor rides, but when unfavourable weather conditions and tightly scheduled professions got on the way, indoor cycling became the better option. Being an exceptional triathlon athlete means constant training and hard work to enhance efficiency and endurance. When the winter seasons come, outdoor cycling routines are constantly cut short, and cyclists no longer go for rides. Outdoor cyclists in recent years have overcome the challenge of being stuck in the house during winter, and have realized the essence and benefits of indoor cycling training. This has prompted many riders into joining indoor cycling classes.

Unexpectedly, most free riders have shown great interest for indoor training.

Embarking on indoor cycling has enabled outdoor cyclists to enhance their riding fitness and prowess. The following are little-known benefits indoor cycling offers to cyclists:

Spin classes offer exceptional strength-oriented or hard interval training workout. Interval workouts can be risky on the road, particularly when you are dealing with stop and traffic signs. Indoor training does not only eliminate natural elements but you also never have to stop pedaling. However, to reap the maximum benefits of your workout, they should be complemented by the outdoor training.

Indoor cycling enhances your overall health. The spin classes are great for improving cardiovascular health, weight management, increasing your strength and working the gluts and core. The interval workout training enhances the burning of calories.

Availability of bike trainers in several indoor cycling studios offers you an opportunity to bring your bike along. Transporting your bike can be inconveniencing; however, it’s worth it as the triathlon biking position cannot be duplicated even by the best spinning bikes.

Riding on the roads at night could pose a great threat, and so, outdoor cyclists go for rides during the day. Indoor cycling is not limited by time factors like day or night; therefore, you can ride your indoor cycle bike at any time of preference. Among the beneficiaries of indoor cycling are busy professionals with an insufficient time of training.

As a group of people, cycling sessions with your buddies help you find inspiration; additionally, you’re much less worried about matching your pace with the rest of pack if you are getting started. Safety is guaranteed as there are no vehicles to negotiate.

It utilizes a power meter which enables you to gauge the amount of work you’re doing, and at the same time gives you something to focus on during your workout session. With a power meter and a workout recording device, you will exactly see what you’re doing without merely speculating. Heart rate is an acceptable choice as well, but you will discover that heart rate varies greatly with cadence, signifying that power is a way better tool for increasing an indoor cycling quality. There is a variety of display technology such as Stages Flight, Zwift etc. These new training packages use multi-player gaming technology that brings outdoor riding experience indoors. By synchronizing your bike to a screen and a computer program, you can ride against other cyclists in 3D-generated worlds.

The trainer provides a convenient environment to work on your pedal stroke and retaining proper posture. Incorporating a mirror in your set up enables you to get self-guided feedback from the beginning of your session until the end. It means form over force and every interval can be achieved while retaining appropriate posture. This is vital, as triathlon cycling performance is about maintaining form under exhaustion and establishing an exceptional habit of cycling well.

It is a time-efficient workout that incorporates time-crunched athletes with limited opportunity to get outside and cycle in the week. The indoor trainer plays a major role in eliminating the challenge of quality cycling in a time efficient manner and allows you to shun unfavorable weather days. Cycling indoors also saves on time spent by cyclists washing and lubing the bike.

There is the specificity of intervals. Indoor cycling intervals can either be low cadence or strength endurance. The trainer offers instant and controllable intervals where you can train your physiology without terrain limitation.

Training can also be done in the comfort of your home. Provided there is space; you can set up your bike on rollers/ trainers. The wheels are positioned on the rollers which turn with your bike’s wheels. Rollers act as the treadmill for your bike.

The key to attaining balance and bike handling abilities requires regular practice as balancing on the rollers is not an easy task.

Trainers do not require the same form of balance platform to ride as the rear wheel is clamped into the trainer. A variety of technologically advanced trainers, like Racer Mate’s CompuTrainer can be synched to a computer and provide real-time graphics. If you are looking for less expensive options, some trainers have fewer bells and whistles but at the same time offer amazing training opportunities.

Advantages of Indoor Cycling

Efficient training

There is no coasting in the indoor cycling. Indoor riding is constant; therefore, there are no obstacles that may prompt you to take breaks during the workout. You can attain the maximum intensity as opposed to outdoor riding where it’s effortless to get distracted.

Additionally, indoor cycling may give you more options like, if you want to simulate cycling up a hill, you usually shift into a harder gear and if you’re going to simulate cycling downhill, adjust/ change into a more comfortable gear.

Most trainers will compel you to work throughout the ride; nevertheless, there are also some motor-powered trainers that allow you to simulate down the hills.

Consistent riding conditions

The ability to apply effort consistently enhances indoor training efficiency. On the trainer, you can work on technical aspects such as torque or pedal efficiency, and get to utilize the data analytics to work on those areas. Riding outside on roads that are icy does not help your progress but increases your susceptibility to injury. Focusing on a particular intensity can be challenging on the way during cold, misty and rainy days. The considerable advantage of indoor training is the fact that you can put in a consistent level of effort that can be so hard to replicate on the road.  Conclusively, it is effortless to gauge your workout progress in a trainer due to consistent conditions.

Minimal distractions

One of the most significant challenges in outdoor cycling is the presence of distractions. Cyclists, therefore, do not achieve the ideal workout results and intensity. As opposed to outdoor riding, indoor cycling enables riders to concentrate on their workout plan fully.

You can get as much out of the workout by putting your head down and grinding on the trainer for an hour.

High-quality and sufficient training

Andy Potts, the American IRONMAN champ insists that riding on a trainer is an amazing strategy that promotes high-quality training.

According to him, you can entirely focus on the workout at hand and reap the most out of it due to the absence of distractions such as traffic, stop signs, pedestrians or other cyclists.

Surprisingly, multiple IRONMAN champions such as Potts and Meredith Kessler rarely rides outside except during races but has dedicated much of their training at indoor training studios.

Virtual racing

Technology advancements in virtual racing have made cycling a bike indoors pretty fun. Riders now have interactive indoor cycling sessions.

A CompuTrainer, for instance, provides a real-life experience for the racing terrains. It utilizes the interactive real course videos hooked with topographical data.

Group riding

Availability of workout videos such as the Spinervals video series to watch while riding indoors provides an added motivation as well as a feeling of a group atmosphere. Spinervals, for instance, boasts over 100 riding workouts with a variety of ranging sets and different kinds for athletes of all categories.

In the recent past, there has also been a rise in endurance cycling centres which are offering you the opportunity to feel the group atmosphere while cycling, either on one of the trainers or your own.


An indoor trainer is a perfect training tool especially for hard workouts where the prime objective is getting faster.

Having a high-quality indoor workout session is beneficial and integral to your training. Many prominent full-distance race athletes, for example, take on a couple of indoor riding sessions a week of 60 to 90 minutes, as well as a long ride up to a race distance on weekends. Signing up for several indoor sessions per week boosts your cycling speed.

Having undergone unfavorable experiences of adverse weather conditions in cycling careers, most cyclists have embraced indoor cycling programs as alternative training.

If you are an outdoor cycling athlete in search of a training platform during the offseason, sign up at SPINCYCLE now to attend our endurance classes or open rides. Join us and train at SPINCYCLE, unleash the champ in you!

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