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How to Use SpinCycle’s Chrono Consoles

How to set-up different configurations on Spinner Chrono console

Are you having trouble pairing your smartphone to the Chrono console using Bluetooth? Worry no more, for the procedure is very easy.

First and foremost, it is critical to note that the default setting for Bluetooth is going to be off; therefore, if you want to use Bluetooth, then, you will have to turn it on. So, to get into your settings, you will need to do as follows:

  • Hold on the Blue button plus the White button at the same time; press the Green button twice, then press the White button while you are on the ‘welcome’ screen.
  • Press the White button to scroll down the list of settings you might want to change. Use the Green button to scroll backwards in that list of settings.
  • Press the Blue button to change the settings.
  • Here, a couple of options will be presented, namely: Distance Units, Backlight, Display Mode (which displays energy in either calories or kilojoules), Active Status Light Set-Up (ASL) and Bluetooth Pairing. Essentially, since you are interested in the Bluetooth Pairing feature, you should turn it ON using the Blue button. By pressing the Blue button, you are presented with a ‘SHORT’ version of the Bluetooth pairing prompt which is a little less distracting.
  • Once you are done with the setting, enter your selected option by pressing the White button which subsequently leads you on to Major Inspections. There are many inspections at this point; therefore, you shall press and hold the Green button, and that shall take you out of the Settings menu back to the ‘Welcome’ screen.

At this point, you’ll have your console up and running and you will see it prompting you to pair your phone.

How to connect your smartphone to a Spinner Chrono console

The first important thing to know is that if you are using Wahoo RunFit app which you can download for free from a mobile application store, you need to start it.

Scroll through the console options using the Blue button until you find ‘PAIR PHONE’.

Press the Blue button once it’s flashing and then the console will indicate that it’s in pairing mode.

The option ‘CONNECT TO CHRONO’ will subsequently prop up on your smartphone. Once you enter CONNECT option, then, the connection shall be made. It shall start your workout and then begin collecting your data. You will see that the data on the Chrono console will match the data on your smartphone’s screen. This will go on until you are done with your workout, so it’s going to pick the information that has already happened in the workout.

Once you are done, you shall go on ‘PAUSE’ mode. Note that even after going on pause mode, it remains connected until you absolutely finish your workout, therefore, if you are done with your workout, go ahead and press and hold the Green (pause) button for just 2 seconds and that will finish your workout. The console shall indicate the ‘SUMMARY’ mode while your smartphone will ask whether you want to save the data. After pressing the ‘SAVE’ option, you shall have your indoor cycle workout saved in your RunFit app.

If you want to put that information into other places, say, you want to track your workout in MyFitnessPal, Strava, TrainingPeaks, NikePlus or simply any other popular app, you can send that to another location. In this case, you could pick the app that you got synchronized to your phone and then move the data from Wahoo RunFit app into the app. Once you have selected the app that you are personally using, your data shall immediately be exported. If you were to go back over to MyFitnessPal app, you would see that show up in your history log. So, generally, that’s how you connect the console with your smartphone and also how you share data with any of the apps you are using.

How to Pair Heart Rate Straps to the Spinner Chrono console

The following are guidelines for pairing the heart-rate straps to the console:

  • Has the console positioned on the handlebar?
  • Upon wearing the strap on your neck, press the White pairing button.
  • While in riding motion, assume a standing position and lean in reasonably close to the handlebar and your heart-rate strap will pair to the console.
  • Once connected, you shall see your heart rate show in the “Beats per Minute” line. Use the Blue focus button to bring your heart rate up to the top section.

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