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Allow me to introduce SpinCycle…

I am a storyteller, and a visionary. And Megan, she skated for Team Canada. Oh, We teach spinning classes too.

SpinCycle is the absolute culmination of everything that we do and love in a single 50 minute class. It’s the passion for fitness, music, and connections.

Years ago, I was spiraling into a corporate type full time job, gaining weight, and getting more sedentary. It wasn’t until I found myself breathless at the top of the office stairs that I realized that I needed to start getting healthier. Knowing that I wouldn’t’ be able to do this without motivation, I started with a personal trainer, and signed up to be a spinning instructor. At 285 LBS, I was certainly not taken seriously… This was the motivation I needed. I was hooked.

Megan’s experience representing Team Canada on the world stage, and the sacrifices and dedication that she had to endure to compete against the best in the world brings the level of fitness knowledge needed to become champions in our own right. The best skates are the ones where you just close your eyes and lose yourself in the dance, then suddenly, you’re aware of the cheers and the crowds applause.

We’re bringing that same competition feeling to every single class.

If you’ve ever stepped into one of my classes, you will know that there is something just a little different. I’m passionate about the little things, the drops lining up with your heart rate, the music happening at the right moment, the connection I have with the riders, and the feelings that you have when you step away from our little world.

You will lose yourself in experience, and the only evidence of your hard work is on your heart rate monitor telling you that you’ve had the best workout of the week. We have designed these programs like no other studio I’ve ever been in before, and we’re giving this full control right back to your instructors; this is something you’ll just have to experience for yourself.

We hope to see you get lost in our programs soon.

AJ – Program Designer & Spinning Instructor.

Are You Ready to Join the Pack?

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We’re Beat Drop Lovers. Were fitness enthusiasts. We are People Fanatics.

We bring every ounce of our passions to each class.

It’s when the right beat hits at the exact moment that the lights rise up; then the hairs on your arms raise. These are moments that we’re looking for in every class.

We’re forever chasing these moments in each of our classes.

Whether you’re focusing on hitting your new endurance PR, or you need to clear your head after a long day, we believe that these programs will allow you to get there. We truly believe that the environment around you allows you to push harder and challenge your progress.

This ride is intrinsically yours; the group is here to help you achieve.

The verity of programs on a class by class basis will keep it fresh, engaging, and something you’ll always look forward to. It’s about connection, it’s about instruction, it’s about performance, it’s about community and it’s about the power of the pack.

Community makes everything simply better.

If we bring every once of our passion to each class, the result is you working harder, digging deeper, and enjoying every moment of it. Mixing it all these elements together is what makes us, SpinCycle.