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Spin. Cycle. Repeat.

SpinCycle is an indoor cycling experience like no other. The studio is a performance centre connected to amphitheater style lighting, and professionally curated playlists syncing up to a beautiful AV system. In other words, you’ve never seen a spinning class like this before.

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We believe that when you get lost in your workout, you just work harder, burn more calories, and end up more clear headed than before you walked in. We push the experience to power your adrenaline resulting in a full recharge, release and regroup so you can take on your day better than before.

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Your studio feels more like a concert theatre than a spinning class with every piece of equipment meticulously selected to give you the best spin class experience. From the industry leading Spinner™ Chrono™ bikes, to the lighting system designed by film and broadcast industry professionals, there is nothing quite like this studio.

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Creatively designed performances by your instructor brings new life to your workouts. Trust us when we tell you it's simply impossible to understand until you experience it. Embark on an indoor cycling experience like you've never seen before.

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Spinning... Redefined

your entire body
being PULLED
through an
without even thinking about it...

You’re in the pack and the room goes dark. You take a breath, and set your body. You can feel the sprint coming. Only for a moment you close your eyes and you forget where you are. You’re interrupted by the beat of the music picking up and your heart and pace accelerates. You open your eyes and in front of you is your instructor looking right back. You know she’s here for you.

Behind her is a glowing screen that builds in motion as your legs pick up. The beat is coming. You look to your ride partner, and he looks back and gives you a nod indicating he’s ready to race. The lights turn off, but the pack starts to get loud. Your instructor gives you a 5 second warning, you can’t see, you can only feel. When that beat drops, adrenaline pumps through your veins, and without even realizing it, your mind and body is in a full sprint. You realize at that exact moment, that you’re in the right place.

Sometimes feelings are simply unexplainable: This one just makes sense.